Beyond Produce

We believe that a quality partner brings more than just fresh produce to the table, which is why we guarantee that the high standards we hold will extend to our network of growers as well.

Responsible labor practices like fair wages, worker protection and on-site medical attention are just the start—we contribute to our communities with new schools and services, ensuring our product is one you can feel good about, through and through.

What does responsible labor mean to us?

  • Human rights: Not only do we defend the fundamental human rights of our employees and partners, we respect them—fully—as a part of the Square 1 family.
  • Labor We simply do not tolerate any breach of fair labor practices, from child labor to discrimination. We support all our employees in the way they deserve.
  • Environment: We’re committed to our environmental responsibility, and practice sustainable and preventive action from field to facility.
  • Corruption: We’re alert and cautious to any form of corruption.